The Unknowable – creator and impartial divine being

Greater Powers of Ebanderil:

Beings first created to help shape the worlds and universe – mostly have removed themselves from the concerns of the mortal world. Most of their worshipers have begun worshiping more active younger deities. Their names have been forgotten but their but their profiles remain:

  • Life
  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Order
  • Chaos
  • Magic
  • Death

Lesser Powers of Ebanderil:

These beings are still very connected to the mortal world and were at some point in the past mortal themselves. They have grown into divinity or been raised by a greater power. These beings supply the faithful with answers and powers.

1. Essesh worshiped by those that revere life and growth

2. Materean worshiped by those who follow the path of the elements

3. Docedric worshiped by those who value, knowledge, innovation, and order

4. Cosmander worshiped by those that believe chaos and nature dominate

5. Strivare worshiped by those that make war

6. Noisulli worshiped by magic users

7. Eaufin worshiped by those that follow the paths of death


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